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Lots has changed since Felix, Meg and I went on our last adventure (for a recap, see here). He is now almost 16 months old (cue low key sobbing), has a bunch of teeth, an ever-widening spunky streak (this isn’t new, necessarily, just getting more defined on the daily) and a newfound love of all things […]

felix • an adventure to the saint louis zoo, or how we lost our sheep petting privileges

Felix, Just For Fun

May 20, 2018


You’ve got to give it to her. My mother is good at MANY things, great at even more, but throwing a party is somewhere near the top of the list. She comes from a line of competent hostesses (my grandparents used to throw legendary New Year’s Eve bashes, Thanksgivings with like a billion people; all […]

angela throws a party • vintage mad men-themed birthday celebration

Just For Fun

May 2, 2018


Kate and Mike are just a dream. I knew it from the minute Kate emailed me – she sent me the sweetest note, ending with “is it bad to want to hire a wedding photographer because she is also a Harry Potter fan?” Obviously, I am biased and I think the answer is a resounding […]

kate & mike • snow day engagement at missouri botanical gardens


April 2, 2018


Ugh I love this little human, I can’t say it enough. Le Day Job has been especially stressful recently, and Meg popped in last Friday to say hi, and managed to convince me to leave a little early since it was pretty quiet. The world was our oyster, that afternoon, despite torrential rain, and (though […]

felix • the best day of hooky i’ve ever played with my favorite 1 year old and his mommy

Felix, Just For Fun

April 2, 2018


These two. Sigh. Looking back at these photos, one whole year later (plus a couple weeks), it has changed my whole perspective on this shoot! In this last year, I’ve had the pleasure of watching them become parents to the wonderful Felix; good times, bad times, messy times (aka, most of the time) and everything in […]

meg & brian • early spring maternity session at missouri botanical gardens

Felix, Maternity

January 28, 2018


Katey and Larry. Sigh, what adorable humans. This was one of those sessions that I just KNEW was going to be badass from the moment Katey contacted me. Katey and Larry are originally from Florida but have moved here and wanted to do engagement photos locally to use for their Save the Dates. Due to […]

katey & larry • romantic winter engagement at missouri botanical gardens


December 30, 2017


Blogging is kind of like eating vegetables. I know I should do it more often, but whenever I find a way to avoid it, I manage to. Seems silly, because when I’m finally post something, I’m totally pumped because I get to relive the joy and energy of each session. This one was no exception […]

cierra & ricky • summertime delmar loop engagement


December 2, 2017


Confession time: As hard as it is to admit this, before this lovely engagement session, I had never been to the Jewel Box. 😳😩😲 I know. How embarrassing. I mean, I am a Saint Louisan, through and through. Born & raised, through thick and thin, through summers that felt like winter and winters that felt like […]

elizabeth & phil • laidback thanksgiving engagement session at the jewel box


November 24, 2017


    When Ryan told me he was planning on proposing to Becky, I’m not going to lie and say I was surprised, because I wasn’t. I’ve known Ryan for years, and had the pleasure of meeting Becky about a year and a half ago at a mutual friends’ destination wedding (but that is a […]

becky & ryan • rainy day forest park surprise proposal at saint louis art musuem


November 14, 2017


Everybody knows that you pretty much HAVE to be a pumpkin for your first Halloween. It’s basically like a rite of passage during infancy. So, when Meg told me that sweet Felix was going to dress up as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, I lovingly corrected her and informed her that no, he must be […]

downtown kirkwood halloween• felix is 8 months old, and the cutest pumpkin ever


November 10, 2017


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