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Okay, I may or may not be slightly biased, but October is the best month for weddings. Could this be because I got married in October? No, I think not. Or could it be because October is just the best month of the whole dang year? Maybe. AATR was just about as busy as we […]

AATR 2018 Recap • October Weddings

An Affair To Remember

September 12, 2019


I love a good late summer wedding, and today on the blog, I have a few for you guys to check out! These beauties are from my adventures with An Affair To Remember and I’m totally pumped to be sharing. First up is a stunner! This bride and groom chose a minimalist vibe, sticking with […]

AATR 2018 Recap • September Weddings

An Affair To Remember

September 5, 2019


Three more beautiful weddings on deck on the blog here! Looking back through my archives, I didn’t realize how busy we were at AATR until I went to make these posts, but hooooo mama, it was a crazy month. First up is another bold and bright shindig with a jawdropping custom chuppah at The Chase […]

AATR 2018 Recap • August Weddings, Part II

An Affair To Remember

July 10, 2019


August was a busy month for weddings at An Affair to Remember! First up, we did personals for a beautiful bright August wedding at 9th Street Abbey. As much as I love soft neutrals, y’all know that bold and colorful is totally up my alley. So, this was a fun one to shoot. The bridal […]

AATR 2018 Recap • August Weddings, Part I

An Affair To Remember

July 7, 2019


So, like most content on my blog, this post is beyond overdue. Last May, I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with Jody at An Affair To Remember as a rental prep specialist – it’s a pretty sweet part time gig that keeps me busy and gets me out into the world and away […]

AATR 2018 Recap • May Weddings

An Affair To Remember, Weddings

February 20, 2019