My work is for the dreamers, the romantics, those who love boldly and fearlessly and unapologetically. My passion is for the idealists and the sentimental souls who will not settle for the mediocre or the expected; for the bohemians, the starry-eyed storytellers and the hopeful hearts who see every day as an adventure. My goal is not only to take photos that will be cherished for years to come, but to capture your spirit, your true and authentic self surrounded by those who matter to you, to make tangible the moments that are unforgettable in the best way I know how: with my camera. I believe we each shine bright from the inside, and that's what inspires my work. 

it's all about

the details

The images that keep me going are the ones of unbridled emotion: unsolicited laughter, deep and meaningful affection; ones than you both see and feel, that tell the viewer a story and show the connection between the subjects. I want you to have genuine, beautiful, moving photos to look back on, ones that honor your love story. If that’s super important to you, I might be your gal. I’m all about days full of personal expression, that reflect your love as a couple. I'm inspired by weddings that are unique and offbeat, DIY details, the ephemeral and raw in-between moments, watching things unfold, genuine laughter and getting to witness all of the things that make you YOU.


Ready to make it official but not wanting all of the hoopla? I can get behind that. Elopements are a unique and intimate take on your big day, and if that's what you're about, I am here to help. Love finds us wherever we are, and there's no reason your big day shouldn't do the same. Let's go get married!



Your wedding day is a big day - you probably wouldn't still be reading this if it wasn’t, right? Your wedding photos are important; surrounded by friends and family and your forever person, there are a ton of special moments I’ll capture for you that will bring you right back to that day.




I’m going to say it: I love engagement photos. They’re a great opportunity for me to get to know you as a couple, how you interact with each other, what you love about each other and how you guys operate. We can do whatever - go to the park, go on a date, hike, cook, chill at home - anything you want!  



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