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Your wedding photos are important; surrounded by friends and family and your forever person, there are a ton of special moments I’ll capture for you, creating photos that, years down the road, will bring you right back to that day. As your photographer on your wedding day, you are my number one priority - from the moment we book, I'm on your team and I have your back. I promise I'll do my best not only to ensure you get beautiful pictures, but also to make sure your day is a ton of fun.

Your wedding day is a big day - you probably wouldn't still be reading this if it wasn’t, right? 

Why choose me?

the details

The first thing I love to do with clients is set up a quick chat - if you're local, I'd love to grab a cup of coffee with you and your fiancé, but if that's not feasible, we can always chat on the phone or Skype. You'll tell me a little bit about you guys and the wedding you're planning, I'll probably freak out about your engagement story and do my best to pretend like I'm cool, and then I'll tell you a little bit about me and what working together looks like. Feel free to come armed with questions - I'll answer any and all that I can and do my best to make sure you feel comfortable and informed before we move forward.

initial meeting

After we sit down and get a feel for each other to see if we're a good fit, we just have to take care of formalities. But no worries, it's pretty easy and can be done online! To hold your date, I require a signed contract and $1000 retainer. Since I only do one event per day and a select number of weddings per year, dates cannot be reserved until these have been received. As soon as that’s taken care of, I am yours for that day! 

ready to book

Once you’re booked, keep in touch! I've shot a lot of weddings, attended lots of weddings, planned a wedding myself, and I know lots of people in the wedding industry. I’m happy to help however I can. And, as it gets closer to your big day, let me help with the timeline!! Just trust me, it’ll make things even more awesome.
If you're planning on doing an engagement session, we can get that scheduled as soon as you're ready. About a month out from your wedding, keep an eye on your email for a brief questionnaire so I can get logistics in order to make sure everything goes smoothly day-of!

prepping for your big day

Now here's the fun part: you get married! Pretty easy, right? I'm excitedly counting down the days just like you are! We'll make sure to get your timeline all planned out and I'll be looped in on all of the details beforehand, so things like family photos go quickly and are as easy as possible. And yes, I will tell you what to do with your hands. I usually start wedding days by shooting details like the dress, rings, invites, shoes, veil, flowers: all of the beautiful little details you've worked so hard to select. Then, I'll be by your side as the day unfolds and I promise, I will try my best not to cry! 

your wedding day

Once your big day is finished and you're off enjoying your honeymoon, I get to work processing your images! I know you're anxious to see your photos, and I am so excited to share them, so I usually send a sneak peek about a week after the wedding, for you to share with family, friends, Facebook, whatever! Then, within 6-8 weeks, I'll send you the link to your full online gallery. My main photography packages all include digital versions of your images, but for those looking to create a physical piece of art, I am happy to offer albums. We can work together to create a custom heirloom piece that will last for generations.

Sneak peek & gallery delivery

From meeting to delivery

the process

+ One hour engagement session
+ Professional image processing
+ Online gallery of high-resolution edited images

package includes:

investment starts at $350


+ Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage by Nora
+ Professional image processing
+ Online Gallery of high-resolution edited images

package includes:

investment starts at $2850


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Wedding Pricing

2019 - 2020

•1 Photographer

• Up to 8 hours of wedding coverage

• Professional image processing

• Online Gallery of high-resolution edited images

• 2 Photographers

• Up to 8 hours of wedding coverage

• Professional image processing

• Online Gallery of high-resolution edited images

• 1 hour engagement session

• 2 Photographers

• up to 12 hours of wedding coverage

• Professional image processing

• Online Gallery and USB drive of high-resolution edited images

• 1 hour engagement session

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Ready to do this?

Heck yes! Take me with you! Just let me know where we’re going, and I’ll get you a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can definitely create a custom package for you, but remember, your wedding photos will be the ONLY tangible thing you have left to remember your day, so I definitely recommend capturing the ENTIRE event, instead of just a couple of hours.

Post-processing is the most time intensive part of your wedding (for me!), as I work hard to ensure every image meets my artistic standard. I shoot with professional equipment and do my best to capture the moment as it happens - and keep it that way - however, I will not shoot a photo and release it without giving myself the opportunity to enhance it digitally. Simply, I don’t release my raw files, because they aren’t done yet! Editing is not where the magic happens (that’s in the moment itself!) but it's what polishes it up and makes it shine. Hopefully, most of my tweaks go unnoticed - remember, my goal is to be authentic and natural, unposed and emotional. Every photo has basic edits applied, and is adjusted for things like brightness and optimal color. While you might not notice any of these enhancements (which I take as a compliment), it’s my opportunity to make sure your photos are the best they can be.

Just because I can doesn’t mean I should. Or that I will. I Photoshopped my best friend’s face on Mount Rushmore, four times, so yes, I probably can. However, it's not my goal. As part of my editing process, I do basic cosmetic edits to make sure that you look great. If you're wanting something more in-depth, let’s chat and we’ll see what I can do.

Yes, I do offer the option of adding on a second photographer if you would like one. While I feel 100% confident that I'll be able to cover your wedding by myself (I move pretty quickly), having an extra set of eyes (and an extra couple of cameras!) can be great if you have a lot of guests, a big wedding party or if your venue is on the bigger side! There are several other local photographers with whom I've worked before, and who I trust to have by my side on your big day. After they shoot, I process their images alongside mine, and integrate them into your gallery, to ensure that you have a cohesive and consistent collection of images to look back on!

My main photography packages all include digital versions of your images. For those looking to create a physical piece of art, I am happy to offer several options for you to have a tangible, physical memory of your day; whether it’s to share with your friends and family, pass on to your children (as they were to us) or just to keep a spot on your coffee table occupied, albums are a great way to keep your photos at arm’s reach. Heirloom wedding albums are custom-designed for your special day and professionally printed to order, meaning we can customize size, number of pages, and number of images. My vendor for both prints and albums uses high-quality materials and professional-grade printing techniques to ensure your final product will last for generations to come. We'll work together to figure out exactly what is best for you!

There are a ton of different options out there as far as photo printing services; some are insanely affordable, and some are more high-end cost-wise. The differences between professional labs and more widely-known consumer ones are many, technical, and pretty boring, to be honest- color profiles & calibration, DPI, types of ink etc. So you don't have to, I've done my research, and I have all of my products printed through a lab that offers you the highest quality product for a fair price; they are selective about the materials that they use, and they ensure that the digital version and the print version of your image are as identical as possible. Trust me, it is worth the investment!!

I’m going to say it: I love engagement photos. They’re a great opportunity for me to get to know you before the big day - you as a couple, how you interact with each other, what you love about each other and how you guys operate. I also love engagement sessions because they are totally up to you. We can do whatever - go to the park, go on a date, hike, cook, chill at home - anything you want! I encourage everyone to think outside of the box your engagement photos…they’re probably one of the first times you’ve been professionally photographed as a couple and maybe the only professional photos you have in non-wedding clothes. If you want to stand on top of a mountain and take amazing photos because you've never gotten to before, let’s do it. If you want to watch the sunset on Art Hill in a beautiful dress because it’s where you guys had your first date, I’m there. We could do your photos at home in PJs over coffee because that’s how you spend every Sunday or we could go to the City Museum and discover all the secret spots because that's what you guys are about.

I try to deliver as many images of your day as I am able - it, of course, varies a great deal based on the specifics of your day, like the number of guests you have, how big your bridal party is, what your timeline looks like, how many details you have. For most 8 hour wedding days, though, I deliver around 1000 finished images.

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