Katey & Larry • Romantic Winter Engagement at Missouri Botanical Gardens

Katey and Larry. Sigh, what adorable humans. This was one of those sessions that I just KNEW was going to be badass from the moment Katey contacted me. Katey and Larry are originally from Florida but have moved here and wanted to do engagement photos locally to use for their Save the Dates. Due to timeline, we were looking into December/January to shoot and they were hoping for outdoors, but with our weather being entirely unpredictable, we had to figure out another plan! We decided on The Botanical Gardens, which is one of my favorite spots anyway (it never gets old) and it was nothing short of wonderful! We had a ton of fun on New Year’s Eve Eve getting to know each other and exploring, despite it literally being 3 degrees outside. They had never had professional pictures done together, so it was really neat to have the opportunity to document their story and capture some beautiful moments for them to treasure! They told me the story of how they got engaged (Larry proposed in front of her ENTIRE family at Thanksgiving), all about their sweet dogbabies and, of course, the amazing marquis-cut diamond she’s casually been sporting. Side note: Marquis cut diamonds are totally underrated and make beautiful engagement rings. Side side note: Totally have dimple envy on this one. The way Larry makes Katey smile, dimples and all, is heart melting. In summary: We had a total blast, they are so cute I want to put them in my pocket and carry them around, I love the botanical gardens and am totally hoping they pack me in their suitcase and take me to Florida so we can play again some time soon! Take a quick look at the gallery below and bask in the glowy goodness that is greenhouse lovin’ at MOBOT.

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