Aleks • Bold Sunset Graduation Session at SLU

Aleks is such a cool human. Talk about a total lady boss! This gal finished a Master’s Degree in Social Work from St. Louis University while working full time, AND made it look super cute and easy, all the while having awesome hair and making sure her nails were done. Pretty sure she didn’t sleep. Like at all. I had the privilege of getting to know her during her day job, and while I admire her style, appreciation of South Park and memes, lack of appreciation of all things burlap and chevron, our shared scathing (but well-veiled) dislike of having to watch nerdy documentaries about planes and boats and history with her boyfriend and devotion to her cat babies, I am continually more moved by the integrity, kindness and the helpful spirit she maintains….mixed with just enough sass to keep things interesting. She’s a gem, inside and out. Now that she’s officially MSW’ed, she’s moved on to save the world in new ways, but we miss her every day at the office. Aleks, if you’re reading this, please know that any time anyone asks what we’re thinking for lunch, you always come to mind, you’re the most basic bitch I know, and I still think Eddie Vedder sucks.

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