Downtown Kirkwood Halloween • Felix is 8 months old, and the cutest pumpkin ever

Everybody knows that you pretty much HAVE to be a pumpkin for your first Halloween. It’s basically like a rite of passage during infancy. So, when Meg told me that sweet Felix was going to dress up as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, I lovingly corrected her and informed her that no, he must be a pumpkin. Because as self-appointed aunt and selective Halloween enthusiast, I am totally in charge of her son and all. Costume (begrudgingly?) procured, Meg asked if I wanted to join her for the Downtown Kirkwood Trick or Treat, which she was going to attend with her galpals from nursing group. How could I possibly say no? It was so much fun! All of the business owners in Downtown Kirkwood stayed open a little late, and handed out candy to hordes and hordes of trick-or-treaters, most of whom were festooned in the glorious trappings the day requires. We saw many a fun costume, including an inflatable T-Rex!! Believe you me, he had a heck of a time crossing the street….We visited the train station and the Farmer’s Market (personal fav) where we sat Felix amongst the actual pumpkins, likely to his great dismay (see below). Felix cashed in on his adorableness by collecting one bag of candy, which he thoroughly enjoyed holding and putting in his mouth and drooling all over it (the entire bag, we’re not at the point of dexterity yet that would allow us to break into it and eat the actual candy). It was a lovely Fall-ish evening, and reminded me why October is pretty much the best month that there is or ever will be (though November is presently giving it a run for its money, color-wise – we just had our first frost last week and the trees are totally out of control amazing. More visual evidence about this is forthcoming). Meg, thanks for being a pal and putting up with me. Felix, your auntie Nora loves you and and your beautiful little photogenic face!! You’re the sweetest little slice of pumpkin pie ever, and I am so grateful I got to participate in your first Halloweeny activity.

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