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Hello, friends! It's me, Nora and I'm so glad you're here. I am many things, but I'll sum it up with: Wedding Photographer. Old Soul. Midwestern Gal. Yorkie Enthusiast. 

This is the online journal of my adventures and of the wonderful events I've had the opportunity to photograph! I hope you enjoy all of these images as much as I loved creating them. Cheers! 

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Felix • The Best Day of Hooky I’ve Ever Played With My Favorite 1 year old and His Mommy

2 April 2018

April 2, 2018

Ugh I love this little human, I can’t say it enough. Le Day Job has been especially stressful recently, and Meg popped in last Friday to say hi, and managed to convince me to leave a little early since it was pretty quiet. The world was our oyster, that afternoon, despite torrential rain, and (though we did consider braving it to visit their favorite place, The St. Louis Zoo) we ended up deciding to go to the Magic House. Nothing could stop us – not rain, not nap strike, not even the recent threat of the measles (she assured me that she had researched thoroughly and we would all be okay). She and Felix had been wanting to go for quite some time, but I asked them to wait so I could tag along, and they were kind of to indulge me. It was pretty much the best day of my life. The Magic House is an incredibly cool place IN GENERAL and getting to see my favorite human scuttle and screech about made it truly magical. I remember going as kids with my mom – my sister and I LOVED it because there was all kinds of weird stuff and always something new to discover – the three story slide, the giant silver ball you put your hand on that made your hair stand up all crazy, the freeze frame room that did motion capture of your shadow, the neato Rube Goldberg-esque device in the front window, the secret room….they’ve changed it a lot since I’d been, but it was just as special as always. Felix was in heaven – everything could be crawled in and pulled up on and thrown on the floor and no one even cared. Lots of things could also be put in one’s mouth, if one so chose, but such is the life of a one year old, I am told. I know I’m getting old for sure because I crawled around after him that day, and I hurt just as much the morning after as I do after shooting a wedding. It was so much fun and I hope this is the first of many adventures!!!!!

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